The whole cow is marketing.

The whole cow is marketing.

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If you work in a company where the marketing department is an isolated section, seen as the site where the best ideas arise, where you can find those strange people who seem to be prophets and predict the commercial future of the company, please, please run away from there! You’re in a company without a future.

Imagine that your company is a cow. Traditional marketing is like a butcher who can only see the cow according to the pieces, that only sees the value of each piece according to the price that each piece represents. No matter how you see it, that’s the kind of cow that you do not want to be. The success of the great cows in modern times is due to a simple reason, from the horns to the skin, everything is equally important.

The whole cow is marketing. Each and every one of the of the company’s employees can contribute with a brilliant marketing idea. While it is possible that not all employees are or may be users (given the nature of some companies), all of them have some degree of knowledge about it, and all of them spend hour after hour in their jobs, so it is inevitable that they think about it, imagine things, and see those details which the area of marketing gurus do not see just because those details are outside of their visual range, because marketing prophets can not be on every play.

We are all marketing. If you close the doors to hear the ideas of the accountant, the janitor, the receptionist, and especially those in contact with the public, you can have absolute certainty that you’ll lose those extra tips that can turn your cow into a sacred cow (or a Holy Cow!).

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