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Profitable formation

Introducing our Business Profitable Training Programmes.

If your company has spent too much money on “motivational” staff training but the results of the different areas of the company are still mediocre, it’s time for training that focuses in generate profit and dividends, not just “motivate” your staff.




  • Open training for retailers and small businesses: A winning philosophy.

2 levels / 36 hrs. each.


  • Management initiatives (Goals and metrics)

2 year formation and implementation program for marketing areas, departments or enterprises.


  • Earnings (MONEY)… the best motivator.

1 day seminar.


  • Realistic goals. Money talks: the new coaching.

As we all know,  It’s more important to do the right thing than to do things right. Even worst than giving a wrong answer, is asking the wrong question. Prepare your team to search for the information they need.

Give your marketing or sales team the tools to improve, not on the grounds they can find in a book, but based on what they can find through the experience and revenue growth.

Our training and coaching programs are focused on measurable, tangible and profitable results. No more “inspirational”, “self help” rubbish.

  1. 24 hours of training and entertainment (3 days).
  2. Groups of up to eight people to maximize personal interactive learning.
  3. Unique experience.
  4. Totally and absolutely focused on results. We train effective managers, not inspired leaders.
  5. Aimed at managers and coordinators.


Note: The costs of travel, accommodation and logistics will be covered by the contractor.

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